Selling a Fixer Home.

I am fortunate enough to have been in the real estate business long enough to where my clients sometimes call me and ask if I can help them sell their home rather than me calling them.

The home in question was in need of quite a bit of work. More than TLC however not a complete disaster either. When meeting with the homeowners the first time I asked them to take me on a tour of their home. Show me the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is important for me to know how a home seller sees their home. That will help in determining condition, what needs to be fixed, what are they willing to budget for repairs and of course the price of the home.

After the tour we sat down and discussed the different scenarios that I had worked out for them. Prepared with information on comparable homes that sold, homes currently on the market (competition and another blog topic), net-sheets with different price points and much more, I continued the conversation. Because of some repairs needed and the overall condition of the home, the homeowners decided to put their home on the market at a very competitive price and we were to aim our marketing effords to cash buyers. My suggestion of having only one open house was received with smiles since this would help them to be able to keep daily living as normal as possible. Together we talked about my client’s goal, and formulated a plan to make it happen.

The open house was a great success. I created a sense of urgency in the week prior and the result was that many potential buyers showed up. Most were the cash buyers that we were after, to buyers who needed financing to buy a home, I suggested to look into the 203k loan program, and of course there were the neighbors who wanted to see what was up. My clients received many offers and were now able to pick an offer that came in well above their asking price.

With a goal, a plan and teamwork the fixer was sold in days.

If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell, do you have a Realtor® you’d refer them to? I’d love to earn your business!

Have a fun day,


Kafe Neo in Long Beach

The other day I had breakfast with the delightful Sally Doherty at Kafe Neo.

Great excuse for another “Robin’s Local Minute“.


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Robin Auwerda

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Pets and real estate.

Sometimes I find myself in the dog house. You’d think I would dread being in it but I’ve got to tell you, being in the dog house gives me an opportunity to really bond with our two German our back yard, my wife and I installed a dog house for two. It’s big enough to comfortly house our 100 Lbs and 80 Lbs pooches, with room to spare for me on the days that I did something wrong…

To be honest though, more and more households own a pet. Not too long ago I read somewhere that 65% of households own a pet. That’s 79 million households! When I grew up, the pet, dogs especially were, well, just a dog. Nowadays most pets are considered full-blown family members by their owners. And that’s a good thing in my opinion.

It also helps when selling your home. When staging a home, it is a good idea to put a dog bowl (empty) in the kitchen, or a dog bed on the patio. Potential buyers will think that the home is pet friendly and appreciate that you are a dog lover. Making sure the home doesn’t smell like dog or cat and doesn’t have dog hair everywhere is very important of course.

The same goes for condominium complexes, you’d be surprised how many are pet friendly, whether the complex allows a cat, a goldfish or a dog, pet owners are focussed on the pet friendliness of a home and the city they will live in.


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Robin Auwerda

Realtor® – Keller Williams Coastal Properties – 6621 E. Pacific Coast Highway #150 Long Beach, Ca 90803 – are:01509977 – (562) 233.3724 –

Monday, Funday

I am amazed by the number of people who keep me in mind when they hear someone expressing a real estate need. Monday morning a FB chat screen opens and instantly I am being introduced by a dear Long Beach friend to a friend of hers with what will turn out to be a Real(ly..?) Estate question that has so many moving parts it will make the lazy Susan in your kitchen look like a timid carnival ride.

After the pleasantries were out of the way, my friend says; “see y’all later my work her is done.” and my new best friend and I connect via phone later that morning. It is always fun to have a real estate puzzle in front of me and work on bringing all the pieces together. After hearing the whole story we decided to name this file “I can’t believe the $h!t I just heard.” and publish a book later.

Long story short, a probate attorney will be involved as well as my wonderful Realtor® friend who knows probates inside and out.

So, if you want to read a cool book, it’ll be published soon enough, if you need help with a probate sale, call me, and if you hear someone with a real estate need, hit me up.

I appreciate the opportunity that is around every corner!


Why use Robin for your next home buying or selling adventure? Because you need an advocate in the real estate market!

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Should I start blogging again?

I don’t know why, but I always forget about this blogging thing. Facebook is so readily available to post things that I think are funny, cool, helpful, profound or just need to be posted so I remember them for later.

Blogging is more writing a story and I feel that as a realtor® I am expected to throw out real estate stuff. But I don’t always want to.

This morning I walked our two German Shepherds, it was still cool and pleasant. So we took the longer route which they know by heart. I don’t have to guide them around the next turn, off the sidewalk to cross the street so that we don’t run into the barking dog behind the fence. The dog that is so frustrated because the three of us are out and about and it, is never getting out.

For the next couple of minutes I will try to collect my thoughts and write a short ‘speech’ that I have to do tomorrow evening at a round table mixer thing where I sponsored the pizza and drinks. I may have forgotten to stipulate that there should also be some real drinks..

Oh well…

What are you looking for???

One statistic is that home owners nowadays stay in their homes for about 5-7 years. Then the itch starts to, well, … itch…

A larger home is the next step. Growing family, baby one has arrived and (for some reason) baby number two is really not that much of a stretch. I am not a parent of humans, so I cannot be taken seriously, although, two german shepherds feels like two toddlers at times.

For the longest time, recession included, homeowners were not able to sell their home, use the proceeds, and buy their move up home. In the current economical landscape, and real estate market however, opportunities are plentiful and doors are opening left and right.

Due to the still incredibly low interest rates (yep, they are low, google the stats) there are more buyers than sellers. A seller’s market is still going on. Put your home on the market at a competitive price point, market the heck out of it and you have a good chance that you will be playing ‘poker’ with several buyers, increasing the purchase price and better the terms of the contract. I am here to help you with that process.

One of my listings, still in escrow, in Torrance is in escrow with an accepted offer well above the current market values. Stretching the market to new heights.

Are you ready to find out what is possible for you? Call or text me today. I’d love to help you or anyone you refer to me.


Why use Robin for your next home buying or selling adventure? Because you need an advocate in the real estate market!

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How to be Dog Friendly

Is it just me or are dogs, cats, birds and the like always the winners when it comes to views, clicks, comments etc on social media?

Sometimes when I post a very important or prudent item on real estate, no one seems to care. When I wrap a little bit of “pet” around it, all of a sudden a gazillion people seem to like the post.

Makes me wonder of I should use our two German Shepherd, Eland and Maaike to drum up some business. Actually, without thinking about it, they have already. I just should use them more in to the open.

What would you like to see in regards to pet friendly posts?

Let me know.

Have a great day with your pet wherever you are.


Long Beach Local Business Mixer


Long Beach Local Business Mixer

If you are a business owner in the Long Beach area, let me know. You are invited to my bi-monthly business mixer.

I call it a biz mixer because i want to mix things up. Starting this mixer myself has been a wonderful opportunity to meet interesting, smart and funny business owners and their family and friends. It’s an easy going group of entrepreneurs who like to mix it up with like minded people.

Every other month we meet at a local restaurant or pub. For more info, text, email or call me and you’re able to attend.

See you soon!


Featured in Home and Realty Magazine.


Featured in Home and Realty Magazine.

Promoting others is part of being successful and it is fun.

Long Beach, Ca has so many cool people with 1001 different passions and personalities.

Take a look at that beautiful German Shepherd. Adopted through The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. My wife and I named him Eland (Dutch for moose) and he is starting to become a real personality and will help us promote the Rescue even more. The Charming Miss Masher is the head coach of the Long Beach Junior Roller Derby. Teaching young people to roller-skate and how to be team players. My favorite Ice Cream guy is Marko with Marko’s treats. Tri-cycling around our town to make a living and put smiles on people’s faces.

Glad I know these fine people and happy to support them.

Check out the link to the online Home and Realty magazine!