Selling a Fixer Home.

I am fortunate enough to have been in the real estate business long enough to where my clients sometimes call me and ask if I can help them sell their home rather than me calling them.

The home in question was in need of quite a bit of work. More than TLC however not a complete disaster either. When meeting with the homeowners the first time I asked them to take me on a tour of their home. Show me the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is important for me to know how a home seller sees their home. That will help in determining condition, what needs to be fixed, what are they willing to budget for repairs and of course the price of the home.

After the tour we sat down and discussed the different scenarios that I had worked out for them. Prepared with information on comparable homes that sold, homes currently on the market (competition and another blog topic), net-sheets with different price points and much more, I continued the conversation. Because of some repairs needed and the overall condition of the home, the homeowners decided to put their home on the market at a very competitive price and we were to aim our marketing effords to cash buyers. My suggestion of having only one open house was received with smiles since this would help them to be able to keep daily living as normal as possible. Together we talked about my client’s goal, and formulated a plan to make it happen.

The open house was a great success. I created a sense of urgency in the week prior and the result was that many potential buyers showed up. Most were the cash buyers that we were after, to buyers who needed financing to buy a home, I suggested to look into the 203k loan program, and of course there were the neighbors who wanted to see what was up. My clients received many offers and were now able to pick an offer that came in well above their asking price.

With a goal, a plan and teamwork the fixer was sold in days.

If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell, do you have a Realtor® you’d refer them to? I’d love to earn your business!

Have a fun day,



1 thought on “Selling a Fixer Home.

  1. Hello Robin:
    Having never meet. A big red and green hello.
    As I am as I am it’s John Christian (Chris) Auwerda. Thanks. The blog post seems clear I would like to talk. Though not about fixer uppers. I believe you to always on the go and busy so to make it easier for you. My best times are in the PM. I live in the Mecca of the mountains Utah.(no disrespect intended) MST. I try to find ways to get along without have to shove anyone. My clan is my beautiful wife Wendy, 5 awesome children 3 grandkidos

    I have a great opportunity in FL. Would like to hear your thoughts on it’s potential for someone that you know that might show an intrest.
    It’s big project with one elderly gentelman with a desire to go liquid. Am I crazy, yes and well no. My cell is 801-641-9656. Make it a great day I know you will.

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