How to be Dog Friendly

Is it just me or are dogs, cats, birds and the like always the winners when it comes to views, clicks, comments etc on social media?

Sometimes when I post a very important or prudent item on real estate, no one seems to care. When I wrap a little bit of “pet” around it, all of a sudden a gazillion people seem to like the post.

Makes me wonder of I should use our two German Shepherd, Eland and Maaike to drum up some business. Actually, without thinking about it, they have already. I just should use them more in to the open.

What would you like to see in regards to pet friendly posts?

Let me know.

Have a great day with your pet wherever you are.



Requesting repairs when buying a home.

Ever wondered why a home inspection is so important?

even when a seller says “this home is sold as-is” you want to do a home inspection on the house that hopefully soon will be your home.

Buying a home involves money, quite a bit of money. You want to know what you are buying right?? What is good about the home, what’s bad, and what is “just the way it is”…

Based on the home inspection, where the inspector will go through the home with a fine tooth comb, under the home, and over the home, there may be things that need attention and repair. So, we will draft a Request for Repair and submit that to the seller of the home.

These repairs can be as simple as installing a smoke detector or strapping the water heater, to replacing a broken window to repairing a foundation that is falling apart.

Of course, some repairs are so huge that you may wonder if you want to move forward with the purchase of the home. A foundation that needs repair may not give you a good feeling and you may decide to cancel the escrow. As long as you are within the Contingency Period, this should not be a problem. (I’ll talk about the Contingency Removal Period in another post)

After submitting the Request for Repair, the seller may decide to do all repairs that you asked for, repair just a few or give you a credit on the purchase price. Negotiation is the key word here.

Know what you buy, buyer beware!



The unexpected side of social media.

This one will be short and bittersweet.

Facebook over the years has been good to me. Re-connecting with old friends, staying in touch with family far, far away & making new friends. Friends who really aren’t friends in the traditional way. I’ve never met them, never heard their voice, never had a glass of wine with them at a birthday party celebrating a common friend. Yet they make an impression, cheer you up, sometimes annoy the crap out of you, just by posting via the social media that connects so many of us.

For the last week I was wondering about one of those friends, and how I hadn’t seen her posts for a while. Yeah, I thought it was just the social media matrix directing my life on facebook. So I decided to look her up and re-connect. I was and still am sad to say that this friend who I never met, never had a live conversation with, and never enjoyed a glass of wine with at a common firends’ birthday party, has passed away. 

This is a first for me, and I am touched by it more than I anticipated. 

Rest In Peace my friend. You did add a smile to many days.