Pets and real estate.

Sometimes I find myself in the dog house. You’d think I would dread being in it but I’ve got to tell you, being in the dog house gives me an opportunity to really bond with our two German our back yard, my wife and I installed a dog house for two. It’s big enough to comfortly house our 100 Lbs and 80 Lbs pooches, with room to spare for me on the days that I did something wrong…

To be honest though, more and more households own a pet. Not too long ago I read somewhere that 65% of households own a pet. That’s 79 million households! When I grew up, the pet, dogs especially were, well, just a dog. Nowadays most pets are considered full-blown family members by their owners. And that’s a good thing in my opinion.

It also helps when selling your home. When staging a home, it is a good idea to put a dog bowl (empty) in the kitchen, or a dog bed on the patio. Potential buyers will think that the home is pet friendly and appreciate that you are a dog lover. Making sure the home doesn’t smell like dog or cat and doesn’t have dog hair everywhere is very important of course.

The same goes for condominium complexes, you’d be surprised how many are pet friendly, whether the complex allows a cat, a goldfish or a dog, pet owners are focussed on the pet friendliness of a home and the city they will live in.


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Featured in Home and Realty Magazine.


Featured in Home and Realty Magazine.

Promoting others is part of being successful and it is fun.

Long Beach, Ca has so many cool people with 1001 different passions and personalities.

Take a look at that beautiful German Shepherd. Adopted through The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. My wife and I named him Eland (Dutch for moose) and he is starting to become a real personality and will help us promote the Rescue even more. The Charming Miss Masher is the head coach of the Long Beach Junior Roller Derby. Teaching young people to roller-skate and how to be team players. My favorite Ice Cream guy is Marko with Marko’s treats. Tri-cycling around our town to make a living and put smiles on people’s faces.

Glad I know these fine people and happy to support them.

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Diversity is what makes Long Beach, Ca tick.


Diversity is what makes Long Beach, Ca tick.

I love this town. Yup it’s Long Beach! I’m from Europe and diversity is the spice of life. Long Beach brings it all. My world turns because of it. A Roller Derby girl, a dog rescuer, an ice cream guy and a realtor, in one photo, it doesn’t get any better.

What do they have in common, they love the LBC, they play in the LBC, and have a finger on the pulse of the LBC. Different in life connected through their City.