Kafe Neo in Long Beach

The other day I had breakfast with the delightful Sally Doherty at Kafe Neo.

Great excuse for another “Robin’s Local Minute“.


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Robin Auwerda

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Buy first or Sell first

Sell first or buy first; this is for many homeowners the dilemma that they’re are facing. Whether to buy or sell first when you are thinking about moving up, away, to a better school district etc, etc.

There is no right answer. It really depends on your specific circumstances.

Most of my clients and homeowners who were ‘polled’ agree that it makes more sense and is less stressful if you sell your existing home before you buy a new one. The chance for you to get top dollar for your home is more likely if you are not under pressure to sell. You are also in a better position to negotiate when you buy your new home. If you are making an offer contingent on the sale of your home, you often lose negotiating leverage.

Even though no one wants to move twice, it may be well worth it to eliminate the risk of not having the home you select to buy being available. Yes, you will end up with cash in hand and a short term rental situation, however you are more in charge of the process.

If you currently own a home I would be happy to provide you with a home valuation so that you know what your home’s value is in today’s market. When you provide me with some basic information on your home, I’ll be able to give you a price range. That price range will be determined by using the information you provided, to compare your home to properties in your area that have recently sold, and reported in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Or I can provide you with a more precise valuation by briefly visiting your home.

Enjoy your day!


Oh by the way, I am never too busy for any of YOUR referrals!


Here’s the keys to your new home, now you can fall in love with it.


I don’t know about you but one of the hardest things for my clients is, not to fall in love with the house… they fell in love with…

I make it a fun game, or at least try to.

“Yep, this is an awesome home, let’s write an offer on it.”
“Great news guys! Your offer has been accepted, we are opening escrow.”
” This seems to be a very smooth transaction, we should close in 30 days!”

All the while I tell my clients NOT to fall in love with the house that they are buying. As long as I do not hand you the keys, it is NOT yours! Up till the last day of escrow something can go wrong and POOF, the deal falls apart, and we have to start all over.

Once I have confirmation that the home has recorded in your name, I can legally hand you the keys, and you can fall in love with your home, for the first time, or again, after I smacked you out of your falling in love stage of the home-buying experience.

Congrats, you are now a home owner!

Go celebrate and tell your friends, I work by referral you know…

Cheers to you!

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Don’t be afraid to remove your contingencies when buying a home.

Yay, Woohoo, Awesome!! You found the house you like and your offer was accepted!! Congratulations are in order.

No what ?!?!?

A well oiled machine called the Escrow Period will be starting up. What I want to talk about today is the Buyer’s timeline of “getting things done”. From the date that your offer was accepted in writing, by the seller, a timeline of 17 days starts for you, the buyer. This is called the Contingency Period.

During these 17 days you have to do your due diligence. Basically find out everything there is to know about the house. Read the disclosures about the home that the Seller will give you, do the Home Inspection (find out what is Good, Bad, and Ugly about the house), Have your lender  order the appraiser, have the appraisal done, ask for repairs if need be.

Once all of the above is squared away, so to say, the Seller will most likely ask you to remove your contingencies. Day 17 has arrived! By removing your contingencies you indicate to the Seller that you have done everything necessary to know that this is the right home for you.

Now that you removed your contingencies, you can still back out of the transaction, in fact you can back out of the transaction up till the last day of the escrow period. But why would you? You’ve done your due diligence! To back out after you removed contingencies means that your initial deposit will most likely go to the Seller. They took the home off the market, stopped advertising it to the public and have to start the selling process all over. You backing out at this point costs them money.

My clients know that I have their best interest in mind and for that reason, I don’t want to take the full 17 days to find out what the house is about. The sooner you know that this is the right home for you, the better.


For now… Happy Home Shopping!

Robin Auwerda – BRE 01509977 – http://www.IWantRealEstate.Info

Requesting repairs when buying a home.

Ever wondered why a home inspection is so important?

even when a seller says “this home is sold as-is” you want to do a home inspection on the house that hopefully soon will be your home.

Buying a home involves money, quite a bit of money. You want to know what you are buying right?? What is good about the home, what’s bad, and what is “just the way it is”…

Based on the home inspection, where the inspector will go through the home with a fine tooth comb, under the home, and over the home, there may be things that need attention and repair. So, we will draft a Request for Repair and submit that to the seller of the home.

These repairs can be as simple as installing a smoke detector or strapping the water heater, to replacing a broken window to repairing a foundation that is falling apart.

Of course, some repairs are so huge that you may wonder if you want to move forward with the purchase of the home. A foundation that needs repair may not give you a good feeling and you may decide to cancel the escrow. As long as you are within the Contingency Period, this should not be a problem. (I’ll talk about the Contingency Removal Period in another post)

After submitting the Request for Repair, the seller may decide to do all repairs that you asked for, repair just a few or give you a credit on the purchase price. Negotiation is the key word here.

Know what you buy, buyer beware!



Solutions and Results for VA-loans

Very exciting day today. 

Opening escrow on a home in Bellflower, California. My client is a veteran using a well deserved V-loan.

VA-loans are great loan products to get our veterans into a home. Misunderstood the VA-loan is too(as I feel like I talk like Yoda). The borrower is not paying anything out of pocket for the loan. The seller is paying for the Veteran’s closing costs. Sellers aren’t always eager to do this. Especially in a real estate market like the one we are in right now. It is still a seller’s market and people selling a home can pick and choose which buyer to work with. The VA using Veteran is often not the one picked due to the costs to the seller.


Write a clean offer, ask for the exact amount of closing costs (often less then the regular 3%), offer to work with a great escrow office, have the Veteran write a letter to the seller. Don’t give up, don’t get frustrated and continue to believe in the fact that there is a home out there for everyone.


Greatfull buyer! Satisfied seller!



Satisfying day in real estate.

Today is a great day. I hope you believe me, cause I am not someone who labels every single day as “awesome”, “outstanding”, or “amazing”. Some days are so-so, some are mwah, some are down right crappy. Today however is great.

It is a day where one of my clients officially has become a home owner here in Southern California. Excitement was in the air from the early morning and now, 34 minutes before the end of the day we have confirmation that the home is recorded in her name.

It was quite a ride, nowadays there are a number of hoops that buyers have to jump through, but it was all worth it in the end, as some say. 

Going from a small apartment to a 3 bedroom home and able to afford it in this economy is a blessing. You don’t hear the happy stories on tv at the 10 o’clock news. It’s depressing stuff, housing is hard to get, interest rates are up, again etc, etc. 

I tell my clients that if they are in a position to purchase a home, they should. Interest rates are still very low compared to a couple of years ago. They have been kept low and are sure to rise in the future.

Of course home values have spiked a little however it appears that the rise has somewhat leveled off. All in all a good time to get into the market. Do your homework as a buyer. Talk with a lender, find out what payment is comfortable for you and build your mortgage payment around that.

Hey, I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


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