Monday, Funday

I am amazed by the number of people who keep me in mind when they hear someone expressing a real estate need. Monday morning a FB chat screen opens and instantly I am being introduced by a dear Long Beach friend to a friend of hers with what will turn out to be a Real(ly..?) Estate question that has so many moving parts it will make the lazy Susan in your kitchen look like a timid carnival ride.

After the pleasantries were out of the way, my friend says; “see y’all later my work her is done.” and my new best friend and I connect via phone later that morning. It is always fun to have a real estate puzzle in front of me and work on bringing all the pieces together. After hearing the whole story we decided to name this file “I can’t believe the $h!t I just heard.” and publish a book later.

Long story short, a probate attorney will be involved as well as my wonderful Realtor® friend who knows probates inside and out.

So, if you want to read a cool book, it’ll be published soon enough, if you need help with a probate sale, call me, and if you hear someone with a real estate need, hit me up.

I appreciate the opportunity that is around every corner!


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Paint on your home.


Paint on your home.

After shopping around for painters for quite some time my wife and I decided on Maxwell’s Restorations. Run by Allen Maxwell, Long Beach (CA) local.

I walked my two White German Shepherds one day and ran in to Allen, painting a home in the neighborhood. Nice guy, not trying to sell me on anything, genuine. After a couple of weeks we met at my home to take a look and get an estimate. He invited me to visit his new work site in Carol Park, the lodes neighborhood in Long Beach. Turns out he’s pretty much painted several homes in this upscale area. All his work looks great so my wife and I decided to sign on the dotted line and have Allen and his company paint our hime.

We couldn’t be more pleased. What a job, even the neighbors and people who drive by tell us it’s a great job.

If you are in need of any trades men and / or women, contact me. I have a whole list.

Enjoy the day!

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The unexpected side of social media.

This one will be short and bittersweet.

Facebook over the years has been good to me. Re-connecting with old friends, staying in touch with family far, far away & making new friends. Friends who really aren’t friends in the traditional way. I’ve never met them, never heard their voice, never had a glass of wine with them at a birthday party celebrating a common friend. Yet they make an impression, cheer you up, sometimes annoy the crap out of you, just by posting via the social media that connects so many of us.

For the last week I was wondering about one of those friends, and how I hadn’t seen her posts for a while. Yeah, I thought it was just the social media matrix directing my life on facebook. So I decided to look her up and re-connect. I was and still am sad to say that this friend who I never met, never had a live conversation with, and never enjoyed a glass of wine with at a common firends’ birthday party, has passed away. 

This is a first for me, and I am touched by it more than I anticipated. 

Rest In Peace my friend. You did add a smile to many days.