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One statistic is that home owners nowadays stay in their homes for about 5-7 years. Then the itch starts to, well, … itch…

A larger home is the next step. Growing family, baby one has arrived and (for some reason) baby number two is really not that much of a stretch. I am not a parent of humans, so I cannot be taken seriously, although, two german shepherds feels like two toddlers at times.

For the longest time, recession included, homeowners were not able to sell their home, use the proceeds, and buy their move up home. In the current economical landscape, and real estate market however, opportunities are plentiful and doors are opening left and right.

Due to the still incredibly low interest rates (yep, they are low, google the stats) there are more buyers than sellers. A seller’s market is still going on. Put your home on the market at a competitive price point, market the heck out of it and you have a good chance that you will be playing ‘poker’ with several buyers, increasing the purchase price and better the terms of the contract. I am here to help you with that process.

One of my listings, still in escrow, in Torrance is in escrow with an accepted offer well above the current market values. Stretching the market to new heights.

Are you ready to find out what is possible for you? Call or text me today. I’d love to help you or anyone you refer to me.


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Paint on your home.


Paint on your home.

After shopping around for painters for quite some time my wife and I decided on Maxwell’s Restorations. Run by Allen Maxwell, Long Beach (CA) local.

I walked my two White German Shepherds one day and ran in to Allen, painting a home in the neighborhood. Nice guy, not trying to sell me on anything, genuine. After a couple of weeks we met at my home to take a look and get an estimate. He invited me to visit his new work site in Carol Park, the lodes neighborhood in Long Beach. Turns out he’s pretty much painted several homes in this upscale area. All his work looks great so my wife and I decided to sign on the dotted line and have Allen and his company paint our hime.

We couldn’t be more pleased. What a job, even the neighbors and people who drive by tell us it’s a great job.

If you are in need of any trades men and / or women, contact me. I have a whole list.

Enjoy the day!

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